Home on the road! How Sleeper Buses Help Musicians Find Comfort on Tour


Life on the road can be exhilarating and exhausting, with constant travel from one venue to another. However, there’s one aspect of touring that has evolved to make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before – sleeper buses. These custom-designed buses have become a true “home away from home” for musicians, offering a sense of familiarity, convenience, and a much-needed haven amidst the demands of touring.

Sleeper buses are a needed companion for artists, providing the comfort and peace that is so yearned for whilst away from home. 

There are certain amenities on board that are essential in the need to fuel creativity whilst on the road.

Individual Beds

Whilst getting privacy on a vehicle with so many crew members on board can be difficult, it’s not impossible. And it’s definitely needed. Everyone needs time to themselves, including artists and including crew members. individual bunks mean each team member has their own place to go and unwind, and recharge. Whether that just be to scroll through TikTok or to FaceTime a family member, each bunk has its own curtains so you shut out the rest of the world for a while. 

Stars in particular may need more than a bunk to themselves, some sleeper buses come with the option for the artist to have their own room – a star sleeper bus. Ours include a private room with a double bed for maximum luxury on wheels. We can never truly replicate the comfort that home brings, but we can sure try. Our main goal is to create spaces that nurture our musician’s well-being as much as possible. This ability to unwind in a space solely their own allows musicians to decompress after exhilarating performances, find inspiration for their music, or simply have moments of peace amidst the hectic tour schedule.

On-board our UK sleeper buses, inside the star sleeper bus private room for the artist. Double bed with plush seating area and HD TV.

Communal Seating

It’s equally as important to create a space for the team to bond together in, a comfortable retreat. This usually comes in the form of cosy lounge areas. Plush seating adorned with soft cushions are inviting for bandmates to sink into.

We fill these spaces with entertainment systems including widescreen HD TV’s, high quality surround sound systems and next generation games consoles, with Wi-Fi available upon request. Gaming consoles and speakers add a playful touch, encouraging impromptu gaming tournaments or jam sessions that cultivate a strong sense of camaraderie among the touring party.

The ability to escape to a cosy lounge provides artists with the mental space they need to immerse themselves in the creative process and explore new dimensions of their artistry.

Storage and Convenience

Spending a lot of time in small spaces is a lot more difficult on the mental health of someone if the place is cluttered and messy. Purpose-built storage areas and well-planned compartments ensure that everything has its designated spot, minimising clutter and maximising the efficiency of access. This meticulous organisation spares artists the tedious task of constant packing and unpacking, freeing up their time and mental space to focus on their craft.

The on-board essentials encompass everything from musical instruments and stage equipment to clothing, toiletries, and personal gadgets. Musicians can rest assured that their invaluable gear is securely stored and always within reach. With all their essentials at their fingertips, artists can effortlessly transition from one performance to the next, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted flow.

Tour Buses

Sleeper buses have truly transformed the touring experience for musicians, providing a “home on wheels.”

The convenience of on-board essentials, the comfort of plush seating areas, and the tranquillity of private bunks all contribute to making the touring experience one that is truly unforgettable.

With our buses, there are a range of options you can choose to curate the best touring experience for your requirements. This includes single decker busesdouble decker tour buses, and star sleeper buses

As the tour wheels keep turning, we’ll be there, ensuring that our artists continue to find comfort, inspiration, and as close to a feeling of home on the road as possible.

Onboard our sleeper buses. Inside view of the individual bunks we offer, with duvets and curtains.

If you’re looking to have a wonderful touring experience with luxury amenities and friendly drivers, speak to us. A member of our team would be happy to help.