Ten Music Venues in Europe for Bands Travelling on Sleeper Buses

Are you part of a band travelling on a tour bus round Europe? Well, we’re about to tell you the top venues to visit on tour! We already went through 10 smaller venues in the UK, which you can read by clicking here.  Now, let’s go through some of the bigger venues that are dispersed all round … Read more

10 UK Music Venues for Bands Touring in Sleeper Buses

Our sleeper buses are ideal for touring, and the UK is full of great cities, but what are the best venues? Let’s go through some of the best underrated venues to visit on tour if you’re a band travelling via sleeper bus.  1. The 100 Club Based in London, The 100 Club is a special … Read more

How do musicians travel on tour? | Sleeper Bus Living

How do busy musicians find the time to travel from city to city in the space of a day? How are they not tired travelling from Manchester arena on the 27th to Milton Keynes on the 28th?  Well, with a sleeper bus they can have comfortable travel overnight!  Sleeper buses are essential for bands that are … Read more