Band Tour Bus Maintenance: Keeping Our Sleeper Bus Fleet Running Smoothly


At MM Band Services, we’re proud to have a fleet of the most environmentally-friendly tour buses in the UK. But keeping them running smoothly takes more than just a commitment to sustainability – it also requires careful maintenance and upkeep. 

We’re diving into a closer look at the essential maintenance tasks we perform to keep out sleeper buses in top condition.

Regular Sleeper Bus Check Ups

Tour buses are the backbone of the music industry, transporting musicians and their equipment to gigs and festivals across the country. To ensure that our fleet of sleeper buses are always in top shape, we make sure to perform regular check-ups on all aspects of the vehicle. We make sure to get everything from the engine to the brakes, transmission, and other vital components checked out by qualified mechanics, catching potential issues before they become major problems. By doing so, we can keep our band tour buses running smoothly and ensure that our clients arrive at their destinations safely and on time.

Oil Changes

Maintaining the proper level and quality of oil is vital for the health of a band tour bus’s engine, which is why our team prioritises regular oil changes. Our mechanics utilise high-quality synthetic oil, chosen for its superior performance and ability to withstand the demands of touring. We change the oil as needed, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the specific conditions of the sleeper bus. Regular oil changes help to ensure that the engine stays well-lubricated, reducing friction and preventing unnecessary wear and tear on the engine’s moving parts. Additionally, this process helps to remove any contaminants or debris that may have accumulated in the oil, ensuring that the engine runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. After the oil is drained, we dispose of it in our own depots using an environmentally-friendly process to minimise any negative impact on the environment. This attention to detail is just one of the ways we maintain our commitment to sustainability while keeping our sleeper buses running.

Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance is a crucial aspect of tour bus upkeep, as it has a direct impact on both the safety of the passengers and the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Our team understands this and takes tire maintenance very seriously. We start by checking the tire pressure regularly to ensure that it is at the manufacturer-recommended level. If the pressure is too low, it can lead to poor handling and increased rolling resistance, which in turn affects fuel efficiency. On the other hand, over-inflated tires can cause uneven tread wear and increase the risk of blowouts. Additionally, we replace worn tires promptly to prevent any potential safety hazards. Our mechanics also rotate the tires regularly to ensure that they wear evenly, which extends their lifespan and improves overall performance. Once the tires are worn beyond their safe limit, we dispose of them.

Cleaning and Detailing

Keeping the interior and exterior of our tour buses clean not only creates a more pleasant environment for passengers but also helps to maintain the integrity of the vehicle. Our cleaning process involves using environmentally friendly cleaning products that are gentle on the bus’s surfaces but still effectively remove dirt, grime, and other debris. We make sure to clean all areas of the sleeper bus, including the floors, windows, and restroom facilities.

In addition to regular cleaning, we also provide detailing services for our buses. This involves a more thorough cleaning that focuses on removing any built-up dirt or grime, as well as restoring the bus’s exterior finish to a like-new condition. We use specialised equipment and techniques to detail the sleeper bus, such as polishing, to ensure that it looks and feels brand new.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a fleet of band tour buses is no easy feat, but it’s a critical part of what we do. Our team of experienced mechanics and maintenance staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our vehicles running smoothly and safely. So, the next time you step aboard one of our band tour buses, know that you’re in good hands – or should we say good wheels.

Our sleeper buses are the best in the business – double decker, single deckerstar sleeper buses – we provide a wide variety to suit any tour requirements. 

If you’d like to see our wheels turning in action or have a tour upcoming that you need band bus services for, get in touch.