Our First HVO Fuelled Tour! | Sustainable Touring for Bands


At MM Band Services, we are dedicated to paving the way for sustainable tour bussing! As of right now we have the most environmentally-friendly buses in the UK, and we’re constantly changing how we work to allow for greener practises.

Whether that’s getting rid of one-use plastics on board our sleeper buses, or recycling all our oils in our very own depots, you can count on it that we’re doing everything in our power to be as sustainable as possible.

Our latest venture in this department includes our very first HVO Fuelled tour!

“Up to 90% Carbon Savings compared to regular diesel.”

What is HVO?

‘Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil.’ Unlike traditional fuels, HVO can be considered renewable. The materials used to create it can be easily replenished – these include animal, plant or algae remains. it’s created by reacting these oils with hydrogen at high temperature and pressure, removing impurities and producing a cleaner-burning fuel with lower emissions than diesel fuel. 

Why are we using it? 

We have a responsibility as a part of the transport industry to lower our carbon emissions as much as we can. We’re proud to have fully completed our first HVO fuelled tour in Glasgow, on our newest sleeper bus!

Check out our latest addition to the fleet ⬇️

Info about HVO

Using HVO is actually better for your engine too. It has a higher lubricity than traditional fuel, meaning there’s less friction on the moving parts of your engine. Any engine running smoother equates to less wear and tear over time.

The downside

One of the only bad things about HVO is the lack of it! It’s still not widely available which means the prices are at a premium in comparison to traditional fuels. The demand is increasing year on year though and more countries are making the switch. We believe it’s a step in the right direction. 

How will this affect your tour experience?

It won’t. Well, you’ll be helping us to reduce carbon emissions in the transport industry. But our high quality tour bus service will remain the same. 

We’re constantly exploring new and innovative ways to operate more sustainably. 

By choosing to travel with us on our premium sleeper buses, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re not only enjoying a high-quality tour experience but also contributing to a more sustainable transport industry. We’re excited to continue exploring ways to make touring eco-friendlier and hope to inspire others to do the same!

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