How do musicians travel on tour? | Sleeper Bus Living


How do busy musicians find the time to travel from city to city in the space of a day? How are they not tired travelling from Manchester arena on the 27th to Milton Keynes on the 28th

Well, with a sleeper bus they can have comfortable travel overnight! 

Sleeper buses are essential for bands that are touring. It means the team can rest whilst travelling from venue to venue. 

There are different types of sleeper buses, the one you choose would depend on your requirements for the tour.

If a musician has a bigger team of people they may choose a Double Decker bus, ours can accommodate for 8 – 16 people!

Smaller teams may only need a Single Decker bus, ours can still fit 8 – 10 people. 

Most tour buses will have everything in them that you would need. Such as a bathroom space, a bed and a small kitchen area. 

Our buses have all of those things and more! HD TV’s, consoles, Wi-Fi! We believe in comfortable travel.

One of the main questions we get asked is how do bands shower whilst on tour? 

Sleeper buses are provided to allow the musicians to travel distances comfortably, not particularly to live on there. So, most likely they’ll either rent out a day hotel room to shower in or in most cases venues will provide showers to use. Bigger venues almost indefinitely have accessible showers. 

There are buses that are specifically made for stars. For example, our Star Sleeper buses feature the same luxury specifications as the double decker but it also includes a private room accompanied by a double bed for the star! 

Another question we’re often asked is where does everything go?

Obviously, if an artist is going on tour they’re going to need audio equipment, outfits, toiletries and whatever else. On a bus filled with that many people, how can there possibly be enough room for everything?

We have lots of storage space on our buses, because we know how much there is to bring along. Additionally, we can provide trailers as part of a wider tour bus package. 

In most cases, if all of the beds are not getting used the team will usually put their bags onto the empty ones as a sort of ‘storage bed.’ If the bus is full though do not worry because as we said, there’s plenty of storage space for belongings on the bus.

Hiring a sleeper coach will cost you much less than paying for hotel rooms every night for each team member. Travelling in a van will be much more uncomfortable. You cannot tour via planes in smaller countries like the UK, you would have to travel on the road. So, basically what we’re saying is if you are a musician and you are about to go on tour or are planning a tour, then just hire a sleeper bus. Just do it. Save yourself the money and the stress.

If you really want a good deal, hire OUR sleeper buses. Get in touch!