The Greenest Way to Tour | UK Sleeper Bus Provider for Bands


At MM Band Services, we tour artists, musicians and their management all over the UK and Europe. We have a fleet of sleeper buses all designed with the purpose of touring in mind. Our buses are comfy, they have everything on board you could possibly need but also, they are the most environmentally friendly sleeper buses in the UK.

What exactly makes them the most environmentally friendly? Well…
We have the most fuel-efficient buses in the business! By a rather large margin too. Our fleet has the very latest Euro 6 diesel engines in them, made by DAF. These get nearly twice the fuel economy of the other buses that some of our competitors use. Read that again – nearly 50%! No one’s doing it like we are.
As well as this, we’ve replaced all plastic water bottles on board with aluminium water bottles. Each guest will receive their own to fill up with our bulk boxes of water that are kept in the fridges. Reducing plastic waste is something everybody should be working towards! We have a fleet of 20 coaches, some of which can fit 16 people – so that’s a lot of plastic bottles to waste. Our bottles make a difference as we now don’t use any single-use plastics on board.

Did you know we also recycle all of our oils in our very own depots? That’s right, no waste over here.

MM Band Services are the only company so far to offer full carbon offset to our bands and management. That’s why a lot of musicians choose us, becoming environmentally conscious has grown exponentially over the past few years, and we’re listening. We’re improving. We are the greenest way to tour.

We’re very committed to changing what we do for the better. 

If you have any questions about our fleets feel free to get in touch. We’re more than happy to answer questions. If you’re about to tour and you’re still concerned about your environmental impact, definitely get in touch with us.

You simply won’t find another company that’s touring greener.