Using Bus Wraps for Tour Promotion | Band Sleeper Buses


Want to know a super easy way to reach thousands of people including your target audience? 

Bus wraps!

Bus wraps are amazing, and you definitely need to make room in your marketing budget for them. 

Tour buses are big, impossible to miss whilst they’re on the road and whilst they’re parked, and they create conversation. So, whilst people are looking, why not show them you!

Bus wraps allow you to create big designs that are going to be seen by tonnes of people. You’ll reach new potential fans, and existing fans that may even post pictures of your bus online because they’re excited to have seen it. 

Having an advertisement that is mobile means you reach new audiences every single day, for the entirety of tour. You’re targeting local consumers in lots of cities. Imagine how many that is if you’re touring all of Europe! Drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, all kinds of people will have access to your advert, increasing your exposure constantly. 

The entire campaign is going to increase your brand awareness massively. People are effectively being forced to acknowledge your artist because their logo or face will be plastered on the side of a big bus. Unmissable! In order to increase your organic reach, you could also start a social media campaign to ask fans to share photos they’ve taken of the bus if they manage to spot it. These added extra thoughts are simple marketing ideas at no extra cost. 

Also, because you have so much area to work with on bus wrap designs there’s plenty of space for adding contact points or CTA’S, phone numbers, website addresses, tour information, even QR codes to website pages if you wanted, the possibilities are endless. 

Bus wrapping is the newest trend for tour promotion – because it’s effective! There’s also a variety of different formats to suit your budget, from small promo area to a full wrap. 

On our fleets, we can fully customise buses for your artist.

Call the team to get the wheels on your tour marketing rolling. 

You can find examples of previous wraps, the team phone number and more information on our wraps page!